For me & ODC

  • A Θeatre in crisis: Elli Papakonstantinou & Odc Ensemble / Vyrsodepseio” by Nefeli editions,300 p., 1500 copies, 2017 An edited volume of essays by theatre critics and researchers who have closely followed ODC Ensemble, outlining the company’s journey and evolution throughout the years of the Greek crisis. The collection includes photos documenting the Ensemble’s performances and testifying to its intricate relationship with the audience.
  • Catalogue of the official Hellenic participation at the PQ15 (Prague Quadrennial of performance design and space). You may view the full catalogue here
  • Greek Theatre in the Age of Depression (Greece), Critical Stages: The IATC webjournal, June 2013, Issue No.8
  • Reception Studies: Greece and Rome, published by Oxford University Press, 2003, by Lorna Hardwick-Oxford: How classical culture is transplanted into new contexts, how texts are translated and performed.



By me

  • ODC, Journal of Greek Media & Culture, Volume 3 Issue 2, Cover Date: October 2017
  • Greek art in a state of emergency,, 2015
  • The Outcry by Tenessee Williams, Kappa editions (co-translator with Athina Maximou), 2011
  • The actor and the target by Decklan Donnelan, by Nefeli editions (translator), 2010