“One could not have found a better symbolic space to host the ODC project; [VYRSO is] perhaps the most apt location in the world, if not for the former gunpowder factory housing Cartoucherie de Vincennes [Theatre du Soleil) in the outskirts of Paris”.   – G. Ioannidis



The vibrant cultural space Vyrsodepseio, which has drastically contributed to the growth of innovative arts by promoting synergies and international networking in Athens.

Since March 2011, ODC Ensemble is based at their own venue, Vyrsodepseio, the biggest tannery of the Balkans in the 19th century. The company transformed the building into a multi-stage, versatile space for performing arts under the Auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture.

Vyrsodepseio is an evolving project for horizontal politics, networking, synergies and co-operations in contemporary art, that focuses on international networking and promotes exchange between Greek and international organisations. Vyrsodepseio is a proud member of the two networks involved in Creative Lenses, Trans Europe Halles and IETM.

Since its creation, Vyrsodepseio has received artists in residencies, curated and produced site-specific performances/theatre/dance, live music and festivals; also, educational programs with a special emphasis on new dramaturgy, master-classes, seminars and workshops; finally, visual arts exhibitions, community and activist projects, media, etc.


For many of us,Vyrsodepseio was not just a space but also a cause; a locus of collective expression, a network of artists and citizens, a cradle of contemporary art, but also, ultimately, an open experiment answering the question: “How can we create meaningful art?”


[Extract from the book: Vyrsodepseio, a theatre in times of crisis  read more




ΑΦΙΕΡΩΜΑ VYRSODEPIO [TRIBUTE TO VYRSODEPSEIO] is a medium-length documentary film directed by Maria Chatzigianni and produced by M-word Web Radio.

ELLI PAPAKONSTANTINOU / ODC Ensemble’s Vyrsodepseio is a supported by Creative Lenses